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"Best Breakfast in Manchester"

Breakfast Starter Menu

Chicken Chapal Kebab -  £1.50

Chapli (Chapal) Kebab is a Pashtun-style minced kebab, usually made from ground chicken with our unique spices in the shape of a patty.

Chicken Seekh Kebab -  £1.50

Kebabs made with minced chicken that's seasoned with spices, a binding agent and then skewered into cylindrical shapes which are then grilled.

Keema (Meat) Samosa -  £1.80

Our keema samosa filled with savoury lamb or mutton keema filling that is loaded with spices, onions, and herbs.

Aloo (Veg) Samosa -  £1.60

Golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft and spicy on the inside. Aloo Samosa is made by using our unique potato mix.

Aloo (Veg) Samosa -  £1.60

Golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft and spicy on the inside. Aloo Samosa is made by using our unique potato mix.

Channah Chaat -  £4.00

Chana chaat is a tasty, tangy and popular variety of chaat starter made with white chickpeas (chana or chole), spices, herbs, onions, tomatoes and lemon.

Samosa Chaat -  £4.00

Our famous Samosa chaat prepared using a freshly made Samosa of your choice, topped with healthy low-fat yoghurt, herbs and spices. 

Dahi Bhalla -  £4.00

Type of chaat originating from the Pakistani subcontinent. It is prepared by soaking vadas (fried flour balls) in thick dahi (yogurt). Garnished with our unique choice of spices.


Breakfast Mains Menu

Aloo Paratha -  £3.00

Our famous Aloo Paratha is a Pakistani flatbread made with whole wheat flour, mashed potatoes with a combination of our secret herbs and spices to create a mesmerising taste.

Keema Paratha -  £4.00

Our popular choice of Paratha consisting of specially seasoned minced meat with a combination of herbs and spices to form this indulging crisp flatbread filled with taste.

Kulcha Naan -  £1.20

Kulcha are Pakistani flatbreads similar to naan, but the key difference between them is that they are made using maida or a refined white flour.

Puri -  £1.00

Freshly made Puri to compliment your Channeh or Halwa dish. 

Channeh -  £5.00

A delicious chick pea curry dish prepared specially by our chefs, using our secret Nafees Sweets recipe. 

Halwa, Puri & Channeh -  £7.50

Indulge in our classic Pakistani breakfast, best saved for the weekend. A combination platter of a savory potato & chickpea curry, sweet semolina pudding, and hot and fresh fried puris!

Lamb Nihari -  £10.00

Our traditional Nihari curry made with slow cooked lamb, fresh ginger and turmeric to create this rich dish that's bursting with Nafees Sweet Centres secret flavours.

Lamb Haleem -  £10.00

Our rich and thick lamb dish cooked in a sauce made of simmering wheat and a combination of lentils until tender to form this authentic dish.

Bhaturey & Channeh -  £7.00

Delicious dish combining our Bhaturey and Channeh, prepared fresh for eat-in or take-out.


Dhaal -  £5.00

One of our popular lentil dishes prepared fresh by our Chef. Recommended to either try with Paratha or Aloo Paratha. 

Chicken Biryani - £6.00

Savory chicken and rice dish that includes layers of chicken, rice, and aromatics that are steamed together.

Chicken Pilau - £6.00

Savoury rice based dish made from our traditional yakhni (chicken broth) method, using only our special mix of herbs and spices.


Breakfast Drinks Menu

Sweet Lassi - £4.00

A traditional recipe made by simply combining yoghurt, water & milk. Sugar added for additional taste.

Namkeen Lassi - £4.00

Your traditional lassi but with a salty-twist. Made by combining yoghurt, water and milk. Alongside, a pinch of salt for flavour.

Mango Lassi - £4.00

Nations favourite lassi! Your traditional lassi made by combining a sweet mango blend.

Karak Chai - £1.75

Karak Chai is an aromatic tea with milk that is famous worldwide for its unique taste.


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