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Are Pakistani Mangoes the best?

It's come to that time of the year where a majority of the local supermarkets around the Longsight area of Manchester begin to stock up on these popular fruits. But you must wonder, what all the excitement is all about?

The answer to this is, they come straight from Pakistan. One of the fourth-largest producers of best mangoes in the world! It is argued that Pakistani grown mangoes are the best in taste. At Nafees Sweet Centre, we totally agree!

For those who enjoy eating sweet fruits, would definitely enjoy this particular fruit. It is often served cut into cubes or slices. Many enjoy eating their mango on its own, whereas others will have the preference of enjoying it with ice-cream or used as an ingredient within their favourite desserts.

Nafees Sweet Centre is well-known for it's delicious recipe used in making fresh mango lassi. We have been serving Mango Lassi at our popular mithai shop in Manchester for many years and have provided an authentic taste which many of our customers keep coming back for.

* Picture taken by a customer who purchased a Mango Lassi for take-away

Whether you would like to try in-store or take-away from home, Nafees Sweet Centre is the place to try when looking for a mango lassi shop in Manchester. Mango lassi is available all year round at our store. However, when Pakistani Mangoes arrive in the summer, this is the time to try our Mango Lassi!

The benefits of eating Pakistani Mangoes are the following:

Stimulate immune system Mangoes boast a rich source of nutrients which help in stimulating the immune system. Vitamin A and C in this fruit help in strengthening the immunity.

Making skin healthy The Vitamin C in mangoes can contribute towards the maintenance and improvement of skin health, helping reduce ageing signs.

Treating anaemia Mangoes can help you prevent and treat anaemia, this fruit is well known in being a contributing factor towards increasing iron and calcium levels in your body.

To try your Mango Lassi today, visit our store!

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