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Our special 'pink & blue' boxes have arrived!

To gift your loved ones with their favourite Nafees Sweets for their 'sweetest' occasions.

At Nafees Sweet Centre, we have introduced a new style for our boxes to match your special occasions. Having served our local communities for over 50 years, we got ourselves familiarised with all the special occasions our customers buy our delicious sweets for.

Nothing delights us more than speaking with our customers and finding what sweet moments they are celebrating in their lives. This serves one of the main purposes behind why Nafees Sweet Centre exists! To be the best authentic sweet shop in Manchester, serving for all special occasions and celebrations.

Why Pink & Blue?

Over the years, we have established how popular baby showers have become amongst our beautiful young generation. The purpose and meaning behind celebrating this occasion gives perfect reason to why you should buy your authentic Pakistani sweets from Nafees.

Our Baby Blue metal tins and original card boxes are ideal for celebrating the birth or baby shower of a baby boy coming to this world. This particular colour has also been purchased in general to accommodate the celebration of Birthdays, Graduation Ceremonies and wedding ceremonies, similarly to our eye-catching pink boxes. At Nafees Sweet Centre we ensure to cater for all special occasions.

Our beautifully designed Baby Pink boxes come in the metal tin and card material, to best serve your deliciously hand made authentic sweets. This particular colour has been popular amongst the use for girls Baby Showers, Birthday celebrations as well as wedding ceremonies. They are designed to create an eye-catching impact and be the great finishing touch to your food display on all occasions.

To get hold of your boxes, simply visit Nafees Sweet Centre and speak to a member of the team. When placing your order, you will be asked what style of box you would like to select. All customers are welcome to seeing the different styles we have in-store before selecting your delicious sweets.

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